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EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine Solution

EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine

This production line is specially used for producing EPE foaming material. It is made of polyethylene plastic particles, after heating, melting, extrusion, catalysis, foaming into pearl cotton rod, pipe, U profile, V type, fruit mesh and other plastic materials. The material is characterized by sound insulation, heat insulation, impact resistance, anti-friction, shockproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-deformation, non-toxic, no odor, excellent elasticity. It can be made into 0.5-28mm sheet material, can also be made into a variety of packaging materials and filling materials through composite, film, widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, craft products, ceramic products, lighting, computer products, furniture and other packaging.

Working Principle

Plastic foam screen extrusion unit, adding resin and so on the many kinds of chemical raw materials through the hopper inside the cylinder, after heating the foaming gas into a cylinder and the cylinder mixing from cooling extrusion forming, enter the tractor, the cutting knife cut off to produce different specifications of the foam screen, can also be by changing the nose, mold to produce various specifications of the foam sticks, foam pipe and other products, Adjust the formula can produce different color quality of plastic foam products


Features Of EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine

  Screw: is refined with 38CrMnALA nitride steel. The screw has the characteristics of high strength and high surface hardness after heat treatment, tempering and nitriding treatment and surface treatment with chromium plating, thus increasing the service life of the screw. Screw diameter φ105mm, length 5775mm (two sections), length-diameter ratio as high as L/D=55, improve the screw plasticizing ability and quality.

  Barrel: is refined with 38CrMnALA nitride steel. After heat treatment (quenching and tempering + nitriding), can prevent long-term use loss. The barrel is connected with feeding section and die head device by flange.

  Feeding section: both ends of feeding section are connected with barrel and reducer respectively. The raw material is fed into the extruder by this part. Users should keep this part of the cooling water circulation, to prevent the temperature rise. Lead to raw material sticky, agglomerate, plug the feed port.

Electrical control system

  Extruder three-phase AC motor: three-phase AC motor is adjustable DC motor, the main power is 55KW. Cooled by air (fan). The main motor is connected with the main engine screw through the reduction box.


 Butane input and butane pump: butane pump is a high pressure metering pump, this pump will liquefied butane at a high pressure of 100-150mpa into the barrel, butane and melted LDPE mixed at the point of entering the barrel. A check valve is set at the place where butane enters the barrel to ensure that the melted LDPE will not reverse flow when the pressure of the barrel is greater than that of butane, so as to ensure production safety.


 Shrinkage agent input and shrinkage agent pump: shrinkage agent pump to 10 ~ 15Mpa (100 ~ 150mm/cm2) of the pressure of the shrinkage agent heating into the barrel. The melted shrinkage agent and LDPE are mixed in the shrinkage agent feed section. The feeding part is equipped with a one-way valve, so that the melted LDPE will not reverse flow when the pressure of the barrel is higher than the pressure of the shrinkable agent, to ensure production safety.

Electrical control system

  Die head: the melted raw materials are extruded from this part. The raw material begins to foam as soon as it passes through the lip. EPE pearl cotton sheet thickness depends on mold lip and traction speed.


  Setting drum: the width of EPE pearl cotton sheet is determined by this part, so cooling water and cooling air should be provided in this part.


Traction roller: the sheet material expanded by the shaping drum enters this part for traction. At this time, the traction speed should be balanced to ensure the quality of the sheet material. Traction roller diameter is 480 ~ 1550mm, and equipped with variable speed motor, in order to adjust the traction speed.


  Transposition roll: this part is equipped with meter meter which can set the length of sheet. When the length of the first roll reaches the set requirements, the second roll can be turned 180° to start winding sheet.

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